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Innovative eHealth solutions for remote patient monitoring and independent living


Advanced telemedicine services

Using modern communication technologies and augmented reality we provide telemedicine services with advanced capabilities of interactivity and usability.


Remote patient monitoring

The advanced eHealth systems we develop are adapted to the needs of users for holistic care and independent living.


Integrated sensors and wearables

All popular smartwatches and wearables are supported from our platform and our users are able to automatically enrich their health records with activity data.

BioAssist Innovative eHealth solutions

Health data analysis and decision support

State-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are integratd in our products for the extensive collection, processing and analysis of health data.

Advanced Healthcare Services Online &
Remote Patient Monitoring

The BioAssist platform is a complete solution for the provisioning of modern telemedicine and remote monitoring services over the internet. Combining innovative eHealth and communication technologies, the applications are adapted to the needs of users and health professionals and their comprehensive support at any time, from any place.

Health services in your pocket

  • Search and contact doctors and other health professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists
  • Book an appointment for a teleconference or a visit to the doctor's office
  • Creating a personal electronic health record with rich multimedia content  such as previous examinations and lab results
  • Connect devices and smartwatches to record activity and biosignals
  • Improve the care effectiveness and your wellbeing following the integrated care plans from your health professionals
  • Get support in case of emergencies

A modern solution for healthcare professionals

  • Conduct teleconferences with your patients and use automation tools for simplfied interactivity before and after
  • Manage teleconference and in office appointments from a signle tool
  • Organize the patient care plan and share rich multimedia content
  • Activate reminders to patients for the effective implementation of the care plan
  • Keep a complete record for each patient
  • Creating a care team and assign responsibilities to your colleagues
  • Receive alerts for potential health issues and activate support actions

Services for healthcare organizations

  • Create an innovative digital store for all the services of the organization and the offer of new ones
  • Support your customers using modern communication tools
  • Integrated administration tool for the partners, customers and services offered
  • Adapt the solution to the needs of your organization
  • Integrate the platform with your systems and infrastructures
  • Access advanced data analysis features