The beHEALTHIER project introduces the development of an innovative Health Data management platform for the formulation of Health Policies. This project improves the utilization of health data through the integration of technologies that will allow their holistic analysis, based on knowledge and experience from similar databases, but also their continuous evolution through integration of new data. This approach can add value to health policy-making by shaping populations with similar characteristics.

In particular, the project proposes a process of collecting and managing medical data that relates to the health of the patient and is composed of three (3) stages:

  • Collection of the data and creation of the Extended Health Records (XHRs), which include all the health determinants, in order to form a holistic image of the individual. XHRs are described from data related to the patient’s health, incorporating prevention and care data, health and social data recorded by the patient and the near environment, social care data collected by social actors and data including clinical signs recorded and transmitted in the form of biomarkers by medical devices connected to the individual and / or patient (such as activity trackers, smartwatches, wearables, etc.).
  • Application of analysis tools to this data, making predictions and providing information about specific health risks at both the population and individual levels by applying a variety of machine learning techniques. Main aim is to depict the results of data analysis techniques in a meaningful and understandable way.
  • Creation of Public Health policies or updating existing ones based on the inputs of policy makers, taking into account the results obtained from Data Analytics.
Main Project Process

This procedure forms the basis for the development of Health Policies that will be addressed to organizations and schedules, at the national level, thus highlighting potential risks / diseases. Primary goals are the scientific progress through the enhancement of medical knowledge and public health and the adoption of beHEALTHIER mechanisms in different scientific fields.

BioAssist contributes to the completion of the project in collaboration with the University of Piraeus, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of West Attica and the Byte Computer. Through its platform, BioAssist contributes to the exploitation of data sources, integrating continuous flow sources (bio-signal sensors and wearable devices), but also to the exploitation of data, developing methodologies and analysis mechanisms aimed at prevention and the provision of personalized care.

beHEALTHIER is a national project co-financed by Greece and the European Union. It started in June 2020 and will be completed in December 2022.