The project with title “Smart Infotainment System with Emotional Intelligence” involves conducting research and development to create a prototype system of innovative services addressing the needs of long-term patients undergoing physiotherapy in Recreation and Rehabilitation Centers. The target of the project lies in modernizing the structures of the care providers, ameliorating the accommodation conditions of long-term patients and, consequently, improving the quality of patients hospitalization.

The project includes the development and installation of deck terminals and parallel upgrading the wired and wireless data transfer network of Rehabilitation Centers.

The bedside terminal will be designed as a station that addresses patients needs for communication, entertainment and information, and will consist of a high resolution tablet and an arm that will allow it to be supported in the hospital bed and easy to move.

BioAssist is the coordinator of the project and focuses on subjects such as: integrating an emotional computing subsystem, integrating a smart game subsystem, deploying terminal blocks, implementing a back-end system, deploying threat detection mechanisms, developing remote programming tools, implementing application of nursing and medical staff.