The BioAssist has created tools that combine incentive systems with gamification techniques, with the goal of educating and ultimately fostering "good habits" in app users.


Gamification strategies, as presented by Deterding, pertain to the use of numerical and functional principles from games in activities that are not games and would not become so after adopting a gamification system.

In gamification practices, similar to games, the player is rewarded with points or digital awards for successfully completing an action. 

Gamification Types

Serious Games



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A successful action is defined as the measurable desirable procedure that the user is expected to accomplish and that should be evaluated by the application. Such successful acts can be defined by an e-health application that aims to teach users how to develop excellent health habits (physical activity, sleep, measurements, etc), in addition to its other objectives. 

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The use of digital rewards and gamification techniques has been proven to 

  • Increase user engagement and motivation, by offering tangible incentives.
  • Ιnteractive processes. The software assesses the user's performance and awards them for each successful action. Furthermore, the user is trained by the application to achieve specific predefined targets.
  • Goal achievement is rewarded by digital Badges.
  • Ranking Tables. Users remain more devoted to their goals when they engage in challenging procedures.
  • Users can utilize digital credits to unlock or redeem additional services from partner apps or built-in capabilities (serious games, etc).