Urban Planning Methodology

Integrated NBS-based Urban Planning Methodology for Enhancing the Health and Well-being of Citizens: the euPOLIS...


Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People

BioAssist is participating in the UNCAP (“Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People“) project (Horizon 2020). UNCAP...


Collective wisdom driving public health policies

CrowdHEALTH (Horizon 2020) will deliver an integral ICT platform that provides decision support to public health authorities...


Personalized Medical Care

The MediLudus project proposes the development of an integrated system for health care at home and provision of suggestions...


Smart Infotainment System with Emotional Intelligence

The project with title "Smart Infotainment System with Emotional Intelligence" involves conducting research and development to...


research and innovation project

UNICORN is Horizon 2020 research and innovation project which aims to facilitate the design and deployment of cloud applications and services...


Blue-Green Regenerative Technologies

European and international cities face crucial global geopolitical, economic, environmental, and other changes...


Defeating COVID-19 with Data Solutions

COVID-X bridges the gap between the European digital sector and healthcare providers.


Sign language analysis on mobile devices

Sign Languages (SLs) are the main means of communication for deaf people. The access to SL is essential for the fulfillment of basic...


AGILE IoT Community

AGILE project aims to create an open, flexible and widely usable IoT solution at disposal of industries (startups, SMEs, tech companies)...


Preclinical studies of pharmacological interest

This study is a multidisciplinary project on the development of small molecules efficient to inhibit Αβ accumulation...


healthier independent lives for the ageing populations

Advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to tackle the challenge of improving the quality of life of citizens.