Senior Safety

A Smart Elderly Monitoring System for Senior Safety is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the well-being and safety of elderly individuals. This system incorporates advanced technology and features to monitor and assist seniors in various aspects of their daily lives.



Alarms Reporting

Users are able to set and receive notifications or alerts based on predefined emergency conditions or events. This feature serves as a proactive system that provides timely notifications to users, ensuring they stay informed and take necessary actions when needed.

SOS Assistance

Seniors can easily initiate requests for help or emergency assistance by pressing an SOS button on their wearable device, instantly notifying caregivers or emergency services.


Fall Detection

The system uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect falls and automatically alerts designated contacts or emergency services, ensuring prompt assistance.


Locations Tracking

GPS technology enables real-time tracking of the senior's location, offering peace of mind to caregivers and ensuring that seniors can be quickly located in case of emergencies or wandering.


Contacts & Monitoring Users

Users are allowed to securely and selectively share their health or location related information with other users. This feature enables individuals to exchange information, collaborate, and communicate effectively within the app's ecosystem. Moreover, the monitoring users feature allows users to observe and track the activities and behavior of users who are unable to use the application on their own.


The geofencing feature allows users to create virtual boundaries or geographically defined areas within the application's interface. These boundaries can be customized and set up according to specific locations or geographic parameters. When a user enters or exits these predefined areas, the geofencing feature triggers predefined actions or notifications


Health Monitoring

Vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and performed steps are continuously tracked, enabling caregivers to identify any abnormalities and intervene if necessary.


Medication Reminders

The system provides timely reminders and notifications for medication schedules, ensuring seniors take their prescribed medications correctly and on time.


The system typically includes wearable devices, sensors, and a centralized monitoring platform. Wearable devices, such as smartwatches or pendants, are equipped with sensors to track vital signs, activity levels, and location information. These devices can detect falls or emergencies and automatically trigger alerts for immediate assistance.

The centralized monitoring platform receives real-time data from the wearable devices and sensors, allowing caregivers, family members, or healthcare professionals to remotely monitor the senior's well-being. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that displays vital information, activity patterns, and alerts for proactive intervention.